Norfolk police Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt approves unlawful bail conditions

Norfolk police Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt approves unlawful bail conditions

Norfolk police Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt approved bail conditions that Norfolk police now state were never imposed!

Police Sergeant Matthew Abbs made false allegations against his ex-partner (who I refer to as Angela), resulting in Angela being arrested.

On arrest, Angela was put on police bail with ‘conditions’ that she must not contact ME (Paul Ponting, an editor of this website).

Norfolk police stated the reasons for these bail conditions were that I was (or inferred that I was) a ‘witness for the police’! (known by police to false).

The police (and DS Abbs) knew that I was actually a witness for Angela and that I was also acting as her legal representative (McKenzie friend), in a civil matter brought against her by her ex-partner, DS Matthew Abbs

The police bail conditions resulted in Angela being unable to contact me, her witness and legal reporesentative for a civil trial, resulting in her having to withdraw from the proceedings.

This is an alleged breach of Angela’s Article 6 Human Right to a Fair Trial.

It is alleged that this was an intentional and tactical act by police to prevent Victoria being able to access legal advice or rely on a witness that would, on balance, damage the civil claim against her.

I, (Paul Ponting), submitted a GDPR complaint to Norfolk police on the grounds they had abused my personal data. They falsley stated I was a police witness and this misuse of my information was put on another persons police records. I aslo alleged the bail conditions conditions were unlawful. I was never a police witness and these bail conditions prevented Angela from accessing her McKenzie Friend and a trial witness.

The police Professional Standards Department (PSD) response was staggering!

Even with evidence to disprove it (lower down), Norfolk PSD said the bail conditions ‘were applied for’, but never applied or imposed.

Which is a contradiction to the actual conditions imposed on Angela.

The following shows that conditions were imposed notto contact Paul Ponting, directly, indirectly by any means!

The following is confirmation of Custody Sergeant 1778 Hill that he consulted with DC 2346 Neil Patrick and that he is satisfied that that pre-charge bail and conditions are necessary and proportunate!

Inspector 3177 Cox further approves and confirms bail and conditions.

And finally, Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt reviews the bail extension ot 3 months and an application submitted by DC 2346 Neil Patrick

Superintendent Laura Hunt is invited to provide her comments on this article…