DS Matthew Abbs avoids an interview under caution in favour of a ‘quiet word’

DS Matthew Abbs avoids an interview under caution in favour of a 'quiet word'

A Criminal Allegation was made against DS Abbs of Norfolk police. The Allegation was of Computer Misuse Act 1990

Evidence has been submitted that DS Abbs was in possession of material (data), secured on this website, was not public and was private and confidential material stored for a potential future article.

DS Abbs somehow ‘acquired’ this data (that was secured) and DS Abbs submitted it to a court as evidence, evidence that was unlawfully acquired, and evidence that was used against an innocent person to their detriment.

The criminal allegation was reported to Norfolk police and today it was confirmed that DS Abbs was not questioned under caution, rather, he was given an opportunity to provide a ‘response’ to the criminal allegation against him.

This highlights that police put themselves above the legal process and in the face of criminal allegations, are not interviewed under caution, they are given full disclose and can give an informal response, a response that is governed by a police caution.

So far, the outcome of the allegation made is not known, but the fact that the suspect, DS Abbs has never been formally interviewed and they are preparing to let us know his ‘response’.. so a thorough investigation and charges are very unlikely.

Very much how the Met Police turned a blind eye to Wayne Couzens and we know where that led.