DC926 Joanne Bills Unlawfully arrests and detains a man after falsifying a crime

DC926 of Kiddiminster falsified an allegation to unlawfully arrest a man lawfully videoing in public. The man was the YouTube police station auditor, Auditing Britain (referred to as ‘AB’) and one of few auditors who remain polite at all times.

AB walked along a public road that was behind a police station with his phone out. He was ‘spotted’ by two female police officers who followed him for several hundred yards.

AB proceeded to Kidderminster Police station. He recorded his movements and recorded one electric police car. He then walked off the police station property and was confronted by the two irritated police constables.

The video details the entire incident, but it must be noted that DC926 arrested him under the Terrorism Act without reasonable suspicion, but if you review the video, she claimed to be ‘harassed, alarmed & distressed’?

So, this lying cop, who claims to be harassed, alarmed and distressed by a man, and yet chooses to follow him for almost half a mile without calling for any back.

This is a blatant lie by a police constable and she must be disciplined.

This is not a case of police making a genuine mistake, this is a case of police fabricating an offence for the purpose of taking a mans liberty.

The police apologised in the video below. The actual arrest of AB is in the description of the YouTube video below





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