Another compensation pay-out by Lancashire police — all to protect a CHIS

Another compensation pay-out by Lancashire police - all to protect a CHIS

Today, Lancashire police settled yet another civil claim I have against them. The total cost to the taxpayer for this claim is about £25k. (mainly legal costs).

It is believed that this was settled because the police ‘key witness’ (a female officer) committed perjury in a civil hearing and this matter would have brought this perjury up under her cross-examination. This perjury allegation is currently subject of a police complaint and the outcome will decide if criminal proceedings are brought against her.

Since November 2018, Lancashire police have paid me, as a victim of their misconduct over £46,000.

On top of this, they have paid in the region of £250,000 in legal fees for all parties.

This is a total expenditure of taxpayers money of almost £300,000. This is YOUR money. As a taxpayer, YOU are contributing to the Lancashire police corruption they are so desperate to cover up. But you can help (read on)

This huge waste of public money is due to Lancashire police trying to punish me for reporting a police informant (Paul Turner) for attacking me and my family. Rather than protect us as victims of crime, Lancashire police made the unlawful decision to protect their snitch ( Paul Turner) who they felt was worth far more to them as a CHIS. Turner played a key role in the conviction of Colin Pritchard one of Turners previous ‘off the record’ employers.

Today I was informed that a further claim is being initiated against Lancashire police.