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Victims of Met Police corruption and incompetence sign open letter calling for removal of Dame Cressida Dick

A group of high-profile victims of police corruption, malpractice and incompetence are urging Boris Johnson not to extend the contract of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick.

The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is one of the signatories of an open letter calling on Mr Johnson to replace Dame Cressida and accusing her of “presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up”.

The letter — shared with the Daily Mail and written by authors including Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Lady Diana Brittan — says the 60-year-old “must be properly investigated for her conduct”, along with her “predecessors and those in her…

Gary Enticknap - a Criminal or Collateral damage of Lancashire and Bedfordshire police?

This article is to highlight how a man named Gary Enticknap was sent to prison for attacking me by maliciously labelling me as a paedophile, and for that, he was rightly sent to prison!

However, I have given some thought to this…

While I do not forgive or condone Enticknap for what he did to me or my wife, what I have now considered is that he may well have been a lamb to the slaughter, collateral damage of Lancashire and Bedfordshire police intentional failures.

A man of 99 Churchfield Road in Bedfordshire named George Vella created a sickening website called…

Suspected Humberside police staff leaving Hessle Road police station (Hull) using mobile phone.

This is a video that has been brought to our attention, showing a suspected Humberside police officer or police staff driving his vehicle out of the police compound and onto a public highway.

The driver continued to use his phone even after a man standing at the side of the road recorded him.

Within the car, you can clearly see the driver using his phone below the steering wheel which would indicate he knew he was doing wrong.

When the window was opened, the driver was told by the man that it is an offence to use a phone while driving.

The driver replied…

Andrew Snowden, Lancashire police and Crime Commissioner, alleged to be hindering a criminal investigation into ex Chief Constable?

A complaint was made to the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner (‘the PCC’) Andrew Snowden of a criminal allegation against the ex-Lancashire police Chief Constable.

Ian Dickinson, the Governance & Policing Lead for the PCC has to date, made all decisions on behalf of Andrew Snowden. Mr Dickinson has been asked to clarify if Mr Snowden is aware of the following incident. Mr Dickinson has so far failed to confirm so for the purpose of this article, it is assumed that Mr Snowden is aware of the criminal allegations.

The complaint is now with the IOPC because the Crime Commissioner refused to…

Norfolk police Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt approves unlawful bail conditions

Norfolk police Superintendent 822 Laura Hunt approved bail conditions that Norfolk police now state were never imposed!

Police Sergeant Matthew Abbs made false allegations against his ex-partner (who I refer to as Angela), resulting in Angela being arrested.

On arrest, Angela was put on police bail with ‘conditions’ that she must not contact ME (Paul Ponting, an editor of this website).

Norfolk police stated the reasons for these bail conditions were that I was (or inferred that I was) a ‘witness for the police’! (known by police to false).

The police (and DS Abbs) knew that I was actually a witness for Angela and…

Guess who: The mystery ex-Cleveland Police officer facing claims of 'weed, texts and fake sickies'

A former Cleveland Police officer is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, whose garage had allegedly been used to store a cannabis factory.

Investigators also claim the policeman hid a knife under his girlfriend’s bed, with texts uncovered on his phone allegedly informing her it was there to use as a weapon “just in case something happens”.

They are just some of the six claims of misconduct facing the officer — although his identity is being kept a secret.

A criminal investigation into the claims was launched but a Cleveland Police spokesperson confirmed no action was taken.

However he now faces a misconduct hearing later…

Patel accused of delay over calls to tighten system for gun licences

Home Secretary Priti Patel is facing accusations in the wake of the Plymouth shootings of dragging her feet over advice to tighten the rules on issuing firearms and shotgun licences.

The Liberal Democrats said Ms Patel had so far failed to act on recommendations in a Home Office consultation document calling for new suitability checks before a licence is awarded — despite warnings of “fundamental gaps” in the system.

It follows the disclosure that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating whether the mental health of the gunman, Jake Davison, was “appropriately considered” when police returned his firearms licence earlier…

Police stay silent as best friend struggles to grieve Grantham mum’s tragic death

The best friend of a Lincolnshire domestic abuse victim, who died after waiting eight minutes on hold to police desperately trying to report her boyfriend, has called for more justice saying “you can’t grieve when there’s still doors that aren’t closed”.

A confidential report from the Independent Office for Police Conduct that wasn’t meant to be published yet was leaked by the New York Times, and exposed multiple failings of Lincolnshire Police in relation to the tragic death of Daniela Espirito Santo, who died on April 9 last year in Grantham. She had tried to call for help for over a…

The police watchdog will investigate Devon and Cornwall Police’s decision-making in relation to Plymouth gunman Jake Davison’s possession of a shotgun and a certificate for the weapon.

Davison, 22, shot and killed his 51-year-old mother Maxine Davison, also known as Maxine Chapman, at a house in Biddick Drive in the Keyham area of the city on Thursday evening.

He then went outside into the street and shot dead Sophie Martyn, aged three, and her father Lee Martyn, aged 43, in an attack witnessed by horrified onlookers.

Jake Davison

He killed Stephen Washington, 59, in a nearby park, before shooting Kate Shepherd, 66…

Coventry cop 'didn't recognise abuse victim' after 'night of fun' - Trial

A Coventry policeman says he did not recognise a domestic abuse victim in a photograph he is alleged to have had sex, a jury was told.

West Midlands Police officer Marc Forth replied “no” when asked point-blank by his barrister during a trial at Warwick Crown Court whether he had had sex with her.

Forth, 42, from Nuneaton, has denied misconduct in a public office by having a relationship with the woman, raping another woman, inciting a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity, and sexually assaulting another girl.

Prosecutor Michael Shaw said a woman contacted the police in May 2013 as a…


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