After we caught a Lancashire police officer blowing smoke in a horse’s face, the officer was reported to the British Horse Society.

The British Horse Society notified us that they had contacted the Chief Constable about the damaging video (below) and we have been notified that the Chief Constable has responded, telling the British Horse Society;

“the matter is being looked into and addressed”

So far, there has not been a public response from Lancashire police over the matter which is of some concern as the allegation is over the welfare of animals, and that the officer, Sgt James Cooper, was ‘smoking’ on duty in the presence of animals and on private ‘non-smoking’ property.

Cleveland Police officer PC Christopher Marrison facing sack for sharing confidential information

A POLICE officer is facing a gross misconduct disciplinary hearing after admitting accessing confidential data and sharing it with a family member.

He has been placed before an accelerated misconduct hearing after accepting a criminal caution for unlawfully accessing Cleveland Police computers.

PC Christopher Marrison photographed the information before sharing it.



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